Welcome To Modern Tektronix Assembly, Inc.

Get it to Market Faster with MTA Company

MTA is a leading service provider specializing in electronic manufacturing services. We have become a leader in our business segment by listening to our customers’ needs, working with them to create the solution and then exceeding their expectations. Let MTA be a part of your engineering team helping you bring your products to market faster and gain the competitive edge. Our focus is to help you transition your product from parts procurement to finished goods quickly, meeting your critical deadline.

A variety of services are provided to meet your needs. All services are designed to be “consistently flexible,” in that we can easily modify our processes and react quickly to your needs, while documenting each step for consistency and repeatability. MTA Systems’ customer base is very diverse and represents all segments of electronic manufacturing including telecommunications, military and aerospace, medical and commercial, etc.

At MTA, we understand the importance of eliminating the Electro Static Discharge (ESD). Our quality team has designed an internal program that provides a safe work environment of ESD sensitive components. Our ESD safe work environment includes:

  • Complete ESD training program
  • Internal auditing
  • Conductive flooring
  • Grounded workstations
  • Employee wrist straps, heel straps, and ESD safe smocks